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Get in Touch for Hutch

06/27/2022, 12:45pm EDT
By getintouchforhutch - Facebook

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One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever (Linda Lambert)

On Friday night we were honoured to have been given the opportunity to be a part of the Fergus Thistles Mental Health fundraising game in support of #GetInTouchForHutch.

Due to COVID it has been awhile since we have been able to connect with the lacrosse community, but it sure felt good to be back again on Friday night.

The night began with a ceremonial face off and a few minutes of conversation with the teams. We are grateful for these few minutes to share our message, bringing the topic of Mental Health and a bit of our story into the arena where these conversations don’t always easily occur, to ensure the players know how much they matter and most importantly that they know there will always be someone there to talk to them, no matter what they are going through. That’s what family is and lacrosse is just that ~ one big family.

A special shout out to the Fergus Thistles Jr. C Lacrosse for making this game happen (and for their very generous donation of the 50/50 proceeds) and to the Bombers Jr C Lacrosse Club for also taking part and being so supportive of our cause.

Heidi Palmer Photography did an amazing job on capturing not only the beginning of the game but also all of the fast paced action that ensued.

Thank you as well to Alpha Graphics and Signs who also stepped up last minute to assist with some swag for each of the players.

And of course a big shout out to our committee members, although we were just a few that night, I definitely couldn’t do this on my own. Thank you guys!

To say we are grateful for the ongoing support is an understatement. It definitely does take a community!

Please continue to be well and take care and always remember #YouMatter and are #NeverAlone

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